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April 8, 2019
March 11, 2019
February 13, 2019
January 9, 2019
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April 8, 2019

In Attendance: Kathleen M. Haskell, Mark Blume, Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea, John Neff, Annabel Grote, Peter Heinemann, Joanne Jenkins and Loann Scarpato. Meeting was called to order at 7:23 P.M.

WELCOME: Kathleen welcomed all to the meeting.

APPROVAL of Minutes: The 3-11-19 minutes were voted upon and approved.

BOARD MEMBER Term Expirations July 1, 2019: Kathleen reiterated the need for board members approaching the end of their first three-year term to advise as to their interest in serving on the board for an additional three-year term. Following the 3-11-19 Board meeting, Kathleen contacted Andrea Maurer as to her intentions in this regard. Andrea expressed surprise that the term seemed to have passed so quickly but no decision was voiced in that conversation as to her continuing interest in serving on the board. Andrea was unable to attend the Monday 3-11 board meeting due to a previously scheduled commitment. As a natural part of the upcoming changes that are anticipated with the start of a new conductor/artistic directorship, a general discussion ensued focusing on the volunteer status of board members and a true appreciation of efforts extended by same. A clear understanding of future emphasis on board member commitment was stressed. An expectation of the greater significance of board member participation as being paramount in the overall success of the entire organization was noted. As the organization evolves with our new director, some thought that solidifying board member expectations in terms of bylaw amendments might be appropriate with a continued acknowledgement of the volunteer nature of the positions.

MICHAEL’S Successor: Kathleen spoke of an upcoming meeting among board members and  David Fitzpatrick on April 20 as well as a pre-meeting with David, Mark and possibly Peter. The pre-meeting will be an opportunity for David to become familiar with how historically our organization manages the annual budget. Mark is preparing a proposed budget as a starting point for discussion. Both the chorale and orchestra will be represented at the meetings in terms of financial ongoing needs and anticipated future expenses. Michael mentioned that David must be aware of the need to consider future orchestra hires. Kathleen named some of the points expected to be on the 4-20 meeting agenda. Reportedly David feels strongly about changing the name of the organization to better reflect and raise the identity and geography of the group. There is a sense of urgency in deciding upon a name change by May, prior to the start of David’s official directorship. Janet mentioned that a name change would also require a change in logo. The board members present at this meeting seemed to agree that a name change is in order and that alerting the members to such a decision would be delivered as a positive move coinciding with the new directorship and spirit of growth and smooth direction change  David’s idea of a future commissioning of work, which was discussed at the 3-11 board meeting, may also be a topic for discussion at the April meeting. Kathleen mentioned that David revealed he has done this type of commissioning at least four times in the past, which speaks to his experience level in the execution of his ideas.

FINANCIAL Report: All in attendance were provided with a copy of the latest budget report. Mark highlighted both income and expenses for the month. Specifically, he noted two gifts, a grant from his company, cookie sales income, fundraising profit and the sale of a music folder all of which help our bottom line and for which we are grateful. Income of $243.00 derived from the latest Iron Hill Fundraiser will appear on next month’s budget report. From an expense perspective, the normal incurred expenses of salary, rent, and music were covered. Mark also provided an update as to his efforts in dealing with 2018 Federal and State tax payments and penalties incurred due to late filing and previously unknown required charitable registration/licensing of a not-for profit organization. These matters were fully discussed at the previous month’s board meeting and included in the accompanying board meeting minutes. The taxes have been paid and Mark has paid the organization’s incurred penalties. After continued negotiations and conversations with government representatives, Mark believes that after a sixty-day time period for further review, there is some hope that all or a portion of the penalties may be forgiven. Peter provided additional confident support to Mark’s sense of optimism. John again thanked Mark for his concern and diligence in terms of handling this situation, reporting to the board and taking measures to place the board in a more knowledgeable posture for future and timely meeting of financial/governmental rules and regulations. Michael mentioned, that unlike his tenure as director where no contract was ever created, he thought it very important for David and the organization to have a clear-cut employment contract. Peter, Mark and Kathleen assured Michael that a contract has already been drafted, agreed upon and signed by our new director. Michael’s monthly compensation will be honored through June, the end of the fiscal year. David’s duties will commence in July 2019 and his compensation will begin to accrue in accordance with his contract.

FUNDRAISING/Program Sponsorship: Annabel reported on the recent Iron Hill Fundraiser and that the coupons for the May 7 Iron Hill fundraiser are available. She suggested that in the future the fundraiser be available in Iron Hill venues in North Wales as well as Chestnut Hill. Annabelle indicated the Iron Hill fundraiser process runs very well and adding the additional venue will make the event more accessible to interested members and guests living in the Philadelphia area. Annabelle also volunteered to forward to Mark the ACCA template for letters that Mark composes in his treasurer’s position. She also suggested joining the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Fund which oversees PA Council On the Arts and with whom she has established a rapport. Annabelle was unaware of a fee but thought it might better position us to learn more about our existing grant and to familiarize ourselves with potential future grants. The June 15 fundraising bus trip to Reading Public Museum for the “Smokey Bear and the Art of Rudy Wendelin” exhibit was also discussed. Elizabeth Wendelin will be donating her time to provide a lecture. The cost will be $50 which will be donated to ACCA to cover admission and lunch at a nearby café. Carpooling is being scheduled with the help of Charlotte Biddle. The profit to ACCA is estimated to be at $25 per person. Those interested will need to know what portion of the total fee is tax deductible. Annabelle also discussed the upcoming summer Chorus America Philadelphia conference. Originally David believed he would be attending the entire conference but later felt that one day attendance would be more likely. Since this conference changes venues annually, the board suggested that it would be beneficial to propose to David that if he attends the entire conference, we would fund one/half ($250) of the entire $500 conference fee. This will be another matter to discuss with David at the 4-20 meeting. The conference deadline sign-up is in May. Kathleen feels that due to the prestigious names reportedly participating in the concert, David’s presence might be a very beneficial move for our organization. Annabel mentioned that she will be discussing the May concert reception specifics with Maria Mack. Kathleen thanked Annabel for her diligence in steering our fundraising efforts.

ARTISTIC Director’s Report: Michael spoke of the uniqueness of the upcoming concert in that not just one but each and every work to be performed by orchestra and chorale are outstanding pieces that will have a “fireworks” effect on participants and audience alike. The orchestra is prepared and upbeat. Michael felt the chorale was close to being concert ready three weeks ago but the recent swath of absentee tenors and altos due to illness, travel or other conflicts created some sense of turmoil resulting in diminished confidence of sections. It is noted that the decrease in singers risks jeopardizing the works, most of which are comprised of eight parts. Reconfiguring the seating arrangements to take advantage of the most influential singers will help to balance and maximize the sound of the chorale and boost overall morale. Some suggested names of a few singers who will or have been contacted to join the chorale for the May concert. Loann will handle getting more copies of the music for any additional singers. Michael mentioned that with some adjustment to his podium, new leg braces and Cindy O’Neill and Susan Lohoefer’s work on the schematics containing pathways through the orchestra, any previous concerns for safety on stage have been mitigated. Despite challenges, Michael still feels that the concert will be a remarkable success in terms of both the orchestra and chorale work and feels that he personally is looking forward to it with confidence. He added that his additional position with the church feels like “going home” to his original roots and he is enjoying it more and more and looks forward to offering much complimentary musical mentoring and teaching in the future to the congregation.

PUBLICITY/Marketing: Janet announced that Joe Paglione has agreed to provide complimentary photography for the May 4 concert. She will ask if they might be available to take some photographs during the reception following the concert. Concert posters have been created again by Anne Markle and will be ready this week for distribution to the chorale and orchestra. Postcards are not being done. Janet will investigate the cost of advertising in “Around Ambler”, a regional, online/digital publication. Any recording of the concert will have to be discussed with Upper Dublin’s liaison, Susan Lohoefer. As a follow-up to last month’s board meeting discussion, Janet did email the publicity committee chair for this section and Kathleen mentioned that she had a conversation with the chair who agreed to contact Janet within the week. Another potential topic to discuss with David at the 4-20 meeting is the purchase of a mailing list to enhance member participation, audience and sponsors. John Neff was thanked for sharing our concert information with his Abington Commissioner who is including it in his blog.

AOB: There will be a meeting on 4-12 with David, Peter and John Conahan to discuss a potential chorale rehearsal venue at the Audion Room in Wissahickon High School. The possibility of inviting high school singers on occasion to join our group was discussed with the thought that it would strengthen our group and enhance our visibility and audience at concerts. John Neff suggested that he contact Springhouse Estates to inquire about the availability of a complimentary board meeting room in the future. An offer of a free ad in our concert program for the facility was raised as an attractive incentive. Joanne Jenkins offered her home as a meeting place as another alternative. Board meetings will take place on Mondays starting in August 2019 due to chorale rehearsals for the coming season to be held on Wednesdays. The dates of the next two board meetings are May 8 and June 12. Cindy O’Neill is well underway in her interim role as Concert Coordinator and Maria Mack is being contacted in terms of coordinating the concert reception.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Joanne R. Jenkins

March 11, 2019

In Attendance: Kathleen M. Haskell, Mark Blume, Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea, John Neff, Annabel Grote, Joanne Jenkins and Loann Scarpato. Meeting was called to order at approximately 7:15 P.M. Welcome: Kathleen welcomed all to the meeting. Minutes: The 2-13-19 minutes were voted upon and approved.

Board Member Term Expirations July 1, 2019:

  • First 3-Year Term: Andrea Maurer, Annabel Grote
  • Kathleen addressed the coming expiration of Andrea and Annabel’s first 3-year term on the board and asked if Annabel would be amenable to remaining on the board for an additional 3-year term. Annabel agreed to a second term which was a welcome response. Andrea was unable to attend the meeting.

Michael’s Successor: Meeting Reports

  • Feb. 16, Janet and Peter: Janet reported on the meeting with David Fitzpatrick and Peter Heinemann which focused primarily upon publicity and orchestra concerns. They attempted to answer David’s various questions and covered potential repertoire for concerts from the 2019-20 season up to the 2022-23 season which will be the 25th anniversary season. David suggested the value of fewer but longer orchestra rehearsals, heightening the importance of each and every rehearsal while reducing costs. The 2019-20 season will consist of three (3) concerts with the hopes of increasing the number of concerts to four (4) in following seasons. Other ideas which surfaced are a commissioned work, funded potentially by grants or other donors as opposed to operating expenses and a French themed concert with wine and cheese reception was mentioned. In February, Loann gave David a spreadsheet containing singers’ contact information which should assist him in his stated interest to become more familiar with the group and its natural audience, while possibly extending outreach efforts.
  • March 2, Kathleen and Annabel: Annabel revealed that during their meeting David strongly suggested moving away from our current self-funding approach and spoke of abolishing dues and focusing on strengthening fundraising. He believes in a model whereby we embrace external Board members and create a Music Council with an emphasis on fundraising and marketing. The possibility of a Spring Gala or cocktail parties were other fundraising possibilities. David spoke of the idea that for any first-time donor, complimentary tickets would be awarded. Another focus of the meeting was updating the organization’s name in an attempt to bring higher recognition of its purpose and community ties. All present seemed to appreciate the value in the discussion with the caveat that due diligence and research be done to insure any name change would not infringe on other existing groups. Seeking input from the chorale and orchestra members was also agreed upon as an appropriate step in the process of any eventual name change.
  • March 9, Janet and Loann: Loann reported on the meeting highlights with Janet and David. David spoke of some incremental lengthening of rehearsals with a possible fifteen minute extension either at the front or the end of each practice. The chorale rehearsals will move from Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights beginning with the start of the 2019-2020 season.
  • David would like to contact inactive singers and/or orchestra members to gauge their interest in re-joining our organization. It was noted during the Board meeting that an emphasis on targeting new members might have more sustainable value. David is enthusiastic about our existing no-audition model but spoke of inviting members to partake in a voluntary voicing or individual singing session to assist in his understanding of ranges, capabilities and preferences amongst singers. Michael asked if David has been given an idea of each member’s music experience and ability to read music, which he thought might be helpful information to our new conductor. This information is also contained in the above- mentioned spreadsheet previously provided to David.

Financial Report:

Mark Blume provided all in attendance with a copy of the latest Budget Report covering income and expenses. He noted the receipt of additional gifts and dues along with the payment of a previous sponsor’s outstanding invoice. On the expense side, Mark pointed to expected costs in connection with the February Chamber concert and those in anticipation of the upcoming May concert. The balance of Mark’s comments centered on the organization’s tax situation. As reported last month Federal and State taxes for the previous years have been filed albeit on a delayed basis. As anticipated, the government did provide subsequent notice of applicable penalties due to late filing. Mark has been working with both state and local tax authorities in a legitimate attempt to mitigate the ultimate amount of penalties assessed. In doing so, Mark discovered the need for our organization to register annually as a charitable organization. A penalty for failure to so register, is also applicable. Mark is addressing these issues diligently and making every attempt to stop any further penalties from accruing while making attempts to appeal or lessen any unavoidable penalties. Mark was thanked for his ongoing concern and continuing attention to these matters but also urged to pay whatever needs to be paid in an effort to put this in the past and filed under a necessary learning experience. As our organization moves forward these obligations will become routine and dealt with on a timely basis.

Fundraising/Program Sponsorship:

Annabel advised that coupons for the Iron Hill Fundraiser are available. They will be emailed to members so that individuals can readily print their own as needed. She spoke of a potential group trip to Reading to support The Smokey the Bear Exhibit which is honoring Elizabeth Wendelin’s father. No date or other details have been set but Charlotte Biddle will be spearheading this effort. Kathleen prompted discussion as to whether or not this effort could become a fundraising activity. Annabel indicated she will be alerting the administrators of the Pennsylvania Council On the Arts that we will not be having a Summer Sing and also noted that she will need to provide information regarding the repertoire for our upcoming season for continuing grant purposes.


Janet discussed the need for spirited ideas for the May concert posters which will be designed by Anne Markle. Various ideas were suggested and all agreed to give further thought to this and provide additional ideas promptly to Loann. No photographers have been secured but it was noted that Peter spoke of a potential candidate at last month’s meeting. Peter was unable to attend this meeting due to a conflict of schedules. April 22 is the deadline for receipt of all content for the May concert program. It was noted that Janet successfully placed a press release concerning our new music director in the “Enterprise” a local Upper Dublin paper. This press release had been sent out to several newspapers in the area. Janet offered her take on a recent meeting with David, Peter and Joan Paltenstein which Loann and Elizabeth also attended. David’s draft repertoire format takes us through 2023. She mentioned that in preparing for Beethoven’s 250th anniversary celebration we would want to honor this composer but in a different manner than that of our competing orchestras and chorales. We will not be doing Beethoven’s symphonies for that reason in the spring 2020 concert but featured will be shorter works by Beethoven and possibly works by his contemporaries, predecessors and/or successors. David spoke of the idea of making season subscriptions available for future seasons. He proposes a Christmas themed concert, Festival of Carols. The 2020-21 season will begin a four (4) concert effort with the possibility of a fall concert being dedicated exclusively to the orchestra and a handbell choir. In terms of the need for committee chair peoples’ enhanced participation, Kathleen mentioned that she would address this matter promptly.

Artistic Director’s Report, Update on the May 4 Concert:

Michael addressed the Board explaining his recently discovered medical condition and the requirements that he take seriously the need to revamp his approach to work, delegation of duties, stage set-up and  realistic acceptance as to what is currently important to sustain a peaceful and fulfilling future. He spoke candidly of his concerns and the difficulty of making oneself accept a different reality while still enjoying all that is still open and possible in life. The Board offered assurances that his safety and health are paramount and that our organization is willing and able to assist in various ways and then some. Michael was ever enthusiastic about the work being accomplished in preparation for the May concert. He promises a remarkable concert for all concerned.


The annual conference of Chorus America, of which our organization is a member is scheduled for June 26-29th. Annabel and David have expressed a desire to attend. Other important matters pertaining to the May concert were discussed and a plan of execution is in place. Annabel will contact Maria Mack in terms of heading up a committee to prepare a reception to immediately follow the concert. Plans for a new chorale rehearsal venue are in the works at Wissahickon High School. Peter has spoken with John Conahan, the musical director, who will need a rough schedule of our rehearsals and is willing to sponsor a tour of the facility. The plan is to get David ‘s input on the requested scheduling and provide to John Conahan.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Joanne Jenkins

February 13, 2019

CALL TO ORDER / The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at approximately 7:15PM. Present were: Kathleen M. Haskell, Mark Blume, Janet Easlea, John Neff, Peter Heinemann, Annabel Grote, Andrea Maurer, Joanne Jenkins and Loann Scarpato.

1. Welcome: Kathleen welcomed all to the meeting.

2. Minutes: The 1-9-19 minutes were voted upon and approved.

3. Michael’s Successor: Kathleen reported on an Executive Committee meeting with David J. Fitzpatrick. His employment contract has been signed. David provided written notes regarding potential “Goals/Ideas and Things to Talk About “. Copies were provided to present board members. David’s position will begin July 1, 2019, the start of ACCA’s fiscal year. The idea of David conducting some portion of the May 2019 concert has been discussed with both David and Michael but no decision has been made.

4. Financial Report: Mark Blume provided copies of the most recent budget report and discussed, in appropriate detail, from both an income and expense perspective. In particular, he noted income from the February 2019 concert as well as  receipt of various donations, gifts and dues. A continuing outstanding pledge of $300 from Foulkeways for advertising, already provided in two concert programs, was discussed along with suggestions on additional attempts to secure the pledge. In terms of expenses, Mark indicated than none incurred were unexpected. A savings was realized when the need for paying Bryan Holten‘s agreed upon mileage costs were negated  by a rehearsal cancellation due to inclement weather. Mark reported that all taxes and fees for the organization were paid by the end of January 2019. Discussion ensued regarding the anticipated future expense for additional musicians, primarily brass and strings, and additional inevitable expenses connected with the May 2019 concert. Andrea mentioned that she has been in contact with a brass player who is aware of the absence of remuneration and is interested in joining the orchestra. She also suggested inviting high school singers to participate in some part of our concert which might add interested parents and others to our audience. Mark mentioned that Michael’s input in terms of artistic interest and feasibility is in order on this type of endeavor. The underlying concern as expressed by Kathleen is the need to alert our membership that the May concert will incur significant additional expenses and that a higher gate return is imperative. Mark concluded his remarks by alerting the board members that in an effort to focus on cost saving, he has researched ways to reduce potential fees in terms of PNC bank accounts. Primarily potential fees can be avoided by a continuing greater set balance in the account. Mark has developed a good rapport with the bank and has successfully been able in the past to have the occasionally incurred fee waived. While his efforts are appreciated, Peter and Kathleen both expressed the importance of preferring a stress-free approach for Mark rather than saving a very minimal amount on potential fees. The agreement was made to stay the course with the existing PNC account.

5. Fundraising: Annabel Grote reported that David Fitzpatrick expressed an interest in meeting with Annabel, Kathleen and Mark to discuss ideas to enhance ACCA’s fundraising capabilities and future success. She does not anticipate the receipt of significant funds during the remainder of the season other than some member donations or random advertisements. While it is acknowledged that no decision has yet been made as to whether or not a Summer Sing will be held,  she reiterated the need, at some point, to alert Pennsylvania Council On the Arts if the Summer Sing does not come to fruition. Annabel accepted suggestions from board members to send an invoice to Foulkeways with a self addressed stamped envelope, mentioning the contact source and date of commitment for the outstanding $300 pledge. The fact that the agreed upon Foulkeways advertisement has already run in two consecutive concert programs should be stressed (previously referenced in the above Financial Report section). Annabel acknowledged that to date, attempts to locate potential additional grants through “Grant Watch” have been unsuccessful. Avoiding that cost expenditure in the future may be something to discuss at the upcoming meeting with David. His idea of a Fall 2019 Gala possibly including a Silent Auction, understandably a large undertaking, was discussed and something to add to the  meeting agenda with David. Anticipated costs for a chorale rehearsal accompanist is another topic for that meeting. A review of itemized expenses in terms of future needs and the potential absence of a rental venue fee for rehearsals might be beneficial to salary discussions.

6. Artistic Director’s Report: In Michael Kemp’s absence, Kathleen led a discussion of Michael’s written explanation concerning his medical condition and needs for assistance going forward with May’s rehearsals and concert. Loann offered a shorter version for distribution to the chorale at large with specific suggestions for how the group can assist in set up, take down and other ways to make the rehearsals more efficient. It was noted that an upcoming meeting has been scheduled with David to discuss future repertoires, the feasibility of a Summer Sing and overall number of planned concerts for the 2019-20 season. Comments were shared about complimentary comments regarding the February, 2019 concert with particular mention of the orchestra’s remarkable sound, the chorale’s performance and enunciation, the one hour format without intermission and the notable enjoyment of our pianists. The future limitation of potential complimentary tickets to two (2) for applicable individuals was thought to be a good way to proceed for upcoming concerts.

7. Publicity and Marketing: A thank you was issued to John Neff for the successful placement of our May concert poster in his Abington Councilman’s newsletter. The need to increase the number of concert guests was reiterated as well as the importance of committee chairpeople to either sufficiently engage or relinquish duties in an effort to get the most out of publicity and marketing efforts for future concerts. The continued minimal costs of 8½ x 11″ posters and the possibility of more expensive radio publicity were topics. April 22, 2019 is the date when all copy should be submitted for the the May program. Janet voiced her gratitude to Loann for her significant work researching and creating the extensive and informative concert program notes. The need for a photographer was the next topic. It was noted that Mary Conlon might be available and Peter mentioned he knew of a candidate, who for a reasonable fee, might also be interested in some photography work.

8. A.O.B.: It was noted that Loann, Chorale Personnel Manager, will be unavailable for the April 30th  combined chorale/orchestra rehearsal night. Cindy O’Neill will be substituting for Elizabeth Wendelin, Concert Coordinator, during her Spring sabbatical. They have been in contact and Elizabeth has provided some detailed notes on the requirements of her position. Presently approximately sixty-six (66) singers have expressed an interest in singing in the May concert. The concert reception is scheduled to take place at the Upper Dublin High School venue which has a capacity limit of five hundred (500). Annabel will be contacting Maria Mack who served as head of the reception committee for last year’s Spring concert. A formal recognition of both Michael Kemp’s and Bob de Coriolis’ final concert was discussed in terms of a possible gift or other expression of gratitude. Peter indicated that he will follow up with securing the Audion Room at Wissahickon High School as a potential rehearsal venue, for which there is no rental fee. This may free up some funds for future additional expenses. Kathleen will respond to Phyllis Patton’s email to officially authorize her to alert the pastor of Christ’s Lutheran Church concerning our need to change our weekly rehearsal day from Tuesday to Wednesday, thus requiring us to seek a new rehearsal venue.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55PM. Respectfully submitted, Joanne R. Jenkins

January 9, 2019

CALL TO ORDER / The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at approximately 7:20. Present were Mark Blume, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins, Janet Easlea Kemp, Andrea Maurer, John Neff, Peter Heinemann and Kathleen Haskell. Loann Scarpato (non-board member) was also present. Annabel Grote (a board member) and Michael Kemp were absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES from December 10th Board Meeting / Kathleen Haskell asked that her complete email regarding the negotiations around David Fitzpatrick be removed because it had sensitive information which was not ready for public consumption. The board thus agreed to vote on the minutes with that information removed. Peter motioned to approve the revised version, John Neff seconded and unanimous approval followed.

SEARCH COMMITTEE / Some discussion was had regarding how and when to make the announcement of David’s hiring and the movement of the rehearsal night although Kathleen noted that the new hiring announcement already went out on Monday. She said she would like that information to sink in before announcing the change of the rehearsal night. Loann noted that the rehearsals for the chamber concert cannot be used because it is not attended by the entire chorale. It was decided to send out an email blast to the entire chorale membership fairly soon so people can start working on their calendars. We do not yet have a rehearsal venue but David is adamant about keeping it in Montgomery County. There was then some discussion about the Summer Sing. If it is decided that there will not be a Summer Sing, Annabel has noted that the PA Counsel for the Arts must be noted of that change. The salary and start date have been agreed upon. Kathleen summarized this section by saying that the announcement of David’s hiring has gone out to the entire membership. In addition, the unsuccessful candidates have also been notified. We will keep their resumes on file though.

The other item to be discussed is the contract document which Peter has prepared with the help of Alice Ballard. There are two points which the board needs to decide on. The first is the duration of the agreement. Peter suggested that we rephrase this part to say something like this contract shall remain in place per the information contained in Article 4. This means the contract is open-ended for both David and the board. If we were to implement that we would need to adjust Article 3 which gives the amount of the annual compensation. John Neff suggested that we should state that this contract will remain in force unless or until it is renegotiated. Peter suggested that we may need to adjust the severance clause. If we are required to pay a severance it was suggested that it be one month’s pay. Everyone agreed.

Since this will be Bob’s final year as accompanist for the chorale, David will need a new accompanist, and may already have some people in mind.

Peter to do list: Make necessary changes to contract and circulate to the board for final approval.

FINANCIAL REPORT / Mark said that his report will be quite short since not much has occurred since last month’s board meeting. He wanted to thank John Neff’s recommendation to include a column which would state what has changed since the last months information.

On the income side, we received around $342 in donations comprising 3 separate gifts. On the expense side, the only change was the Artistic director’s normal monthly remuneration.

Mark wanted to talk about how our tax filing is working out. Mark was able to contact one of our program sponsors, a CPA, who was amenable to helping out. Mark said our Federal tax return should be filed by Friday. His fee for the help is $500 which we already knew. He is also helping with our state filing at no charge as long as Mark fills out the forms. It is hoped that since this our first filing using the expanded 990EZ tax form, the IRS may waive any late filing penalty.

There was some discussion about how the selling of our extra Creation scores was going. Seems that not many people are interested. We will leave them available for a little longer before we decide to pull them and donate them.

FUNDRAISING/PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP / Annabel was not present for her review. There was discussion about Grantwatch and it was decided that it is probably not very helpful. We will probably not renew Grantwatch for another year. Our new director, David, may know of other resources for finding grants to apply for.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR’S REPORT / Janet gave out a couple of pages with Michael’s ideas for the repertoire for the May Concert. Everyone seemed happy with Michael’s suggestions. There is a nice mix of orchestra and choral music. Peter expects there will be an additional $5,000 or $6,000 for extra musicians. Loann asked if she could invite participants who sang at our last Opera Gala and forego the $60 membership fee. She thought we should just ask them to pay for any scores they would need. Board was amenable to that arrangement. There was some suggestion that we should have an encore or two at the May concert since it is Michael’s last concert with the ACCA. Kathleen said we should make suggestions directly to Michael.

The repertoire planning meeting has not been set yet. We need David’s input on the timing and input. Kathleen will get in touch with David and Michael to set a date for repertoire planning.

There is not much input regarding the February 9th concert.  

PUBLICITY/MARKETING / A notice was sent to everyone on the ACCA Constant Contact email list about David’s hiring as new director. A press release was sent and George Binh has a copy. Janet passed around a copy of the press release to the board. Janet said she will follow-up with George about what to do further with the press release.  

Janet said we have to think about the concert program book especially as it relates to Michael’s departure. Janet needs to have program materials for the February concert by January 25th so she can send out drafts for comments. We have postcards available for the concert and Anne Markle has created the poster for the concert. We determined that we want 200 posters printed since the cost is only $45. Janet will coordinate with George about other means of publicity especially with retirement communities.  

A post card image appeared in the electronic newsletter of Christ’s Lutheran Church. Don Gutekunst also got it printed in Christ’s Lutheran Church’s newsletter. A pile of cards will be left at Christ’s Lutheran Church as well. John Neff asked about a PDF version is ready so he can email it to people he knows. He likes to send one to his commissioner. He publicizes it at least twice in his newsletter. Janet said we still need a photographer for the Chamber Concert. Andrea said she has two other potential photographers that she will reach out to. John said Mary might be ready for the May Concert, and will check with her.

AOB / Loann would like to have something go out to the entire concert members to tell them how they did. She thinks Michael should send it out. She will compose an email to go out with all the financial information in addition to comments that were heard. Some of John Neff’s friends said they thought this concert was one of the best we have ever done. The concert goers enjoyed the “Song of the Birds” written by Nancy Gifford.

ADJOURNMENT / Meeting adjourned at 8:45. Respectfully submitted, John Conlon