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November 12, 2018
October 10, 2018
September 12, 2018
August 8, 2018
June 13, 2018
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November 12, 2018

Call To Order

The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at approximately 7:13. Present were Mark Blume, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins, Andrea Maurer, Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea Kemp, Peter Heinemann and Kathleen Haskell. John Neff and Annabel Grote were absent. Loann Scarpato and Elizabeth Wendelin (both non-board members) were also present.

Approval Of Minutes From October Meeting

John asked that we have the approval of the minutes before Michael starts with his Artistic Director’s report. Mark Blume motioned to approve and Peter Heinemann seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

Artistic Director’s Report

Michael said that our December concert will not be as complicated as May’s concert. Michael said that he is busier now than he ever was. By this time, he would already have had a meeting with Susan Lohoefer at Upper Dublin. He’s going to try to meet with her early next week because he needs to give her a schematic of the orchestra and of the chorus. Michael realized that for the Nancy Gifford’s piece we have to rent a grand piano and have it tuned. He and Mark believe that will cost between five and six hundred dollars. Bob said that he was okay with doing some of the recitatives on the pianoforte without instrumentalists. Michael said that would make more sense to do it that way. Michael did talk with Bob about using the pianoforte like a harpsichord for the recitatives since all he would need to do is play chords for them and he agreed with that. Michael is concerned about the three soloists for the Creation, who weren’t performance ready for the summer sing, and is going to require them to have a full rehearsal with Bob to work out corrections. He also wants them to come to the final Tuesday (November 27th) choir rehearsal. This rehearsal will not be with the orchestra.

Michael thinks the orchestral sound is the best he’s heard since he’s been with the ACCA. As for the choir the quality is very good whenever all the performers are there but many have been absent at different rehearsals because of conflicts. He said the sound when everyone is there is just brilliant. Another concern Michael has is related to the Chamber Concert. Usually by this time we have determined who’s going to be in the Chamber Concert. Michael made it a point that anyone who thinks they can handle their part in the Chamber Concert to feel free to let us know. He said everyone who was in the concert last year is welcome to join. Michael and Mark discussed the number of rehearsals in December following the December Concert. It was decided to only have one and to have it in the first week of December right after the concert – meaning that first Tuesday in December. As far as the third concert is concerned none of that music has been ordered yet.

There was talk about having enough people on hand to sell Raffle Basket tickets and collect money for entrance into the concert. Loann asked to have a note about what volunteers have to do and when to do it. A decision was made for Michael to make the announcement about the baskets at the concert just prior to the intermission and encourage the audience to support us. Once the intermission is over, Mark and Annabel will come up on stage to run the raffle. As was done last year they will ask for a volunteer from the audience to select the winning tickets. Mark wanted the board to know that we have received the permit for the raffle. It was decided to use the Box Office to store the baskets. It can be locked and unlocked.

Michael To Do List

Meet with Susan Lohoefer to go over the logistics for the concert. Ask Susan to send us the bill for the concert in a timely manner. Make the soloists have a full rehearsal with Bob to get performance ready. Require the soloists to come to the final Tuesday choir rehearsal. Coordinate with Loann to get the word out about the Chamber Concert and get the music ordered. Make sure Wendy Bender knows to get flowers for the soloists.

Financial Report

The Financial Report was presented by Board Treasurer, Mark Blume. Mark passed out a paper detailing the results. Our donations just about doubled from the previous month. We received about 30 donations totaling about $7924. We have received 60 donations from members, representing 54.5% of members. In addition, 89% percent of board members have made a donation to date. We have essentially 100% of chorale dues collected from those expected to pay dues. We brought in $630 in dues from orchestra members. Cookie sales amount to another $184 in the past month. We brought in another 10 program sponsors for a total of $2642, since the last month. We have received $200 in pre-concert raffle ticket sales. Total income for the month was $12,525. Moving over to the expense side there is nothing unexpected. There was Michael’s monthly remuneration of $1000. There was $555 spent for extra musicians. Rehearsal space was $600 which covered Christ Lutheran space for September and October. Choral music decreased $180 as twelve more Chorale members paid for their music. For licensing we incurred an expense of $239 for BMI. That’s our orchestral music licensing for the year. We had about $30 dollars in postage and mailing expenses and about $239 in printing and copying. Lastly there was about $45 in supplies which was for the name tags. Expenses since the last report totaled about $2529.

Fundraising/Program Sponsorship

Kathleen said that unfortunately Annabel is not here to give us an update but Mark gave us all the numbers so we have pretty much what we need. Michael noted that the orchestra is beginning to feel more like a part of the organization and they are contributing more monetarily to the organization.


Janet started working like mad on the programs and we’re now up to 23 pages (24 is our normal size). Janet said there is one blank page that needs to be filled. Potential dates for the Iron Hill Brewery fundraisers are February 20th and May 7th. Janet will insert a notice in the program to look for dates for the Iron Hill fundraisers if we cannot nail down the above-mentioned dates. Janet sent out a Constant Contact letter which we all received and set up an event on Facebook. Janet said the strategy for publicity will be the same as before. She hasn’t yet contacted George Bihn yet for his confirmation of the strategy. George is the head of the publicity committee and he takes posters to all the Nursing Homes in the area. He also needs to send them to all our legislators as part of our PA Performance of the Arts grant. Michael said that every committee or sub-committee should be required to present a report at every board meeting either in person or by submitting a paper copy to the board. Janet said she was going to send an email to George. Mark said that Janet should put in the email that a response is required. Janet said the post cards and posters have been printed and distributed. She said she doesn’t have any post cards left. Janet would like to give up her orchestra managing duties next year. We also need a photographer for the concert to replace Mary, since she cannot do it for this concert. It was decided that Janet should put that in the email she sends out for volunteers for raffle baskets, etc.


Elizabeth Wendelin won’t be able to perform her concert coordinator duties for the May Concert. Her father created the Smokey the Bear cartoon painting and the Reading Art Museum is mounting an exhibit on him and Elizabeth is curating the exhibit. She has all of his original paintings. Elizabeth will try to find a temporary replacement. Michael decided to have no seating chart at the next rehearsal as he wants everyone to sit next to someone from a different section.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 8:35. Respectfully submitted, John Conlon

October 10, 2018

Call to Order
The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at approximately 7:15. Present were John Neff, Mark Blume, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins, Annabel Grote and Kathleen Haskell. Peter Heinemann, Andrea Maurer, Michael Kemp and Janet Easlea Kemp were absent. Loann Scarpato (a non-board member) was also present.

Approval of Minutes from September Meeting
The first order of business was the approval of the amended minutes from the September 12th board meeting. Mark Blume motioned to approve and John Neff seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

Review of Action Items from September Meeting: Not done.

Financial Report
The Financial Report was presented by Board Treasurer, Mark Blume. Mark had earlier passed out a paper detailing the results. On the income side since last month’s board meeting we received 21 donations totaling $5874 which brings our total for the fiscal year of $7608. He noted that this total does not include donations he received yesterday, Tuesday, at the rehearsal. We have a total of $3680 in chorale dues which represents about 61 members which is about 77% of the total membership (80) of the Chorale. This brings us close to our expected 100% participation. We don’t have any information yet on membership fees from the orchestra but should receive some after their rehearsal on Thursday. Cookie sales total $150 without the addition from last night and we had four program sponsorships totaling $900. Total income for the fiscal year is $12,339 of which $10,605 came in this past month.

Most of the activity was on the expense side which was expected. Director’s compensation was $1000. We had to pay $60 to replace a key musician for a rehearsal. Mark noted that for choral music the amount went down to $642 since about 50 members paid for their choral music. Under licensing we had an additional $25. We had an expense of $238 under equipment. That was for tuning the upright piano in the basement of Christ Lutheran. We had about $15 in production expenses related to the Summer Sing. There was about $96 in postage and mailing and some additional money in printing and copying. Net expenses for the month totaled about $693. Annabel asked about the $199 payment for Grant Watch. Mark said that it was covered in last month’s budget summary under mailing list rental.

Artistic Director’s Report
Kathleen said that we are plugging along with preparations for the December concert. One of the things Michael had sent out by email was about the Carol of the Birds, written by Nancy Gifford, a member of choir, who would like it to be performed as an encore to the December concert. Michael felt a reluctance to have it performed because it was written in honor of him, and wanted the Board to decide whether to include this at the December concert. There were some questions about the level of difficulty and whether we would have sufficient time to bring it up to performance level. It was decided that Michael would decide that, though many members thought that it would not be difficult. The piece has a solo for contralto and Nancy had suggested Emily Ahr to sing the solo. There were some questions about mixing the different genre of Haydn’s Creation and the Carol of the Birds. After some discussion, it was suggested that we completely finish the Creation first. Then have Nancy come up and introduce the Carol of the Birds as an encore in honor of Michael.

Board then moved on to the issue of needing a second pianist to perform for the February Chamber Concert. Michael had negotiated with Brian Holten and got him to agree to perform for $500, considerably less than his going rate. Michael asked for the Board’s approval. The Board agreed to engage Brian Holten as the second pianist for $500.

Kathleen to do list
Construct an email to Michael on behalf of the board that we are okay with performing the Carol of the Birds but he has the final say about whether we have time for prepping it to be performance ready.

Fundraising/Program Sponsorship
General Update: All normal initiatives have been started and are proceeding smoothly. Charlotte Biddle has the baskets moving along, we expect old and some new sponsorships. Reminder notes will be sent soon for sponsors and member donations.

Grantwatch: We are now members of Grantwatch. Joanne and Peter will be watching for appropriate grants, with deadlines which are possible to meet.

PPA Grant: Acceptance forms have been filed and the check should be coming from the state soon. We are in compliance with all aspects of the grant, as we place the logo on all our published materials and when we send invitations to our legislators. Annabel will be contacting George Bihn on this issue. Since we will have a new director, it is possible the Summer Sing might not happen. PPA will have to be notified if our proposed calendar is changed in any way. The grant calendar runs from 9/1 through 9/31, therefore this event is under their calendar structure and I included this activity when we described our activities. This can be easily done with a simple letter.

Here are official instructions from PCA:
The PCA’s funding comes primarily from an annual state appropriation from the Commonwealth. It is important that you keep your legislators informed of your activities and invite them and/or members of their staff to your programs. It is also important and a contractual obligation to recognize the PCA and the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance at funded events and activities. You can find acknowledgement information and the PCA logo here [on their website]. Please confirm your mailing address and fiscal sponsorship information so your award check is properly processed. Throughout the grant period, you are required to notify the Cultural Alliance immediately, in writing, if there are changes in personnel, scope, administration, or activities covered by the grant. All such changes must receive written approval from the Cultural Alliance or PCA in advance.

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance: Annabel attended the annual meeting. She found out that this organization does a lot more than oversee the PPA grants. They have many sponsors, assist culture communities and sponsor research about the arts and culture communities they serve. She distributed Beyond the Check: A Roadmap for Engaging Individual Donors to everyone. Of particular note was page 6, where the research indicated that direct mail requests (something we have not yet done) have 45% effectiveness rate. The keynote speaker, Nina Simon, is a mover and shaker in making Santa Cruz Art Museum truly relevant to the diverse community they serve. Her organization is called “Of By For All.” Annabel did an ACCA self-assessment using the questionnaire which is available on her website; we should get analysis soon. Many of the questions were about diversity.

Prior to the meeting, Annabel sent an email which was a summary of this event and contains links which will be of interest to all. She ended her remarks by noting that the reception featured a full bar and very wonderful food from different ethnicities. She talked with Bucks County Choral society representative and a few other people from museums. There were at least 300 people in attendance.

Annabel to do list
Get in touch with George Bihn to get the list of representatives in the area and their addresses because we are required to invite them to our concerts.

Publicity/ Marketing
Janet sent to Kathleen an update on where we stand relative to the postcards and the posters for publicity for the December concert. The postcards and the posters have been designed. Wendy asked about printing them out. Mark said they cost about $50 for printing a couple hundred of them. So she got them printed and they were available last night at rehearsal. Mark thought that 400 programs should be enough for the December concert. John Neff thought that churches in the area should be getting notification of the December concert. Parishioners would probably like to attend this concert. The poster is basically done and ready to go to the printer.

Janet is going to prepare a FaceBook ad for the concert. She is also going to create a Constant Contact ad for our audience. She has some 700 email addresses from previous concerts. There will be an email blast a month before the concert and another one a week before the concert.

Search Committee
We had our first candidate choir rehearsal last night and everything went pretty well. The candidate showed a lot of enthusiasm as well as a very good knowledge of the Creation. Kathleen received all of the member surveys for the candidate last night. She will tally the results and present them to the Search Committee. The board will have final say about who is hired. Peter had suggested someone who might help us write the contract/agreement for whomever we extend the invitation.

Next board meeting will be Monday, November 12.
Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 8:45.
Respectfully submitted, John Conlon

September 12, 2018

Welcome – Kathleen
Called to order at 7:17 pm.
Present:Kathleen Haskell, Janet Easlea, Annabel Grote, Loann Scarpato (non-board), Mark Blume, Joanne Jenkins, John Neff
Excused:Andrea Maurer, John Conlon

Suggestion to move board meeting:
The Board decided that we should reschedule the board meetings prior to our major concerts so Michael can attend and review progress and bring up any issues. The November meeting will be Monday 11/12 and April to Monday 4/8.

Approval of Minutes from the August 8, 2018 Board Meeting. Motion to approve by Annabel, seconded by Kathleen. Unanimously accepted.

Financial Report
Mark Blume presented the monthly summary. Highlights:
Income: $830 was received from five gifts from the public. A number of donations came from musicians who returned their Summer Sing pay.

Expense: A subscription for GrantWatch was obtained and added as a recurring expense. Mark noted that Financials as season-end totals are now posted to the website.

Artistic Director’s Report
Kathleen brought a concern of Michael’s regarding the requirement for an additional accompanist for the February Concert. Michael and Bob’s preferred candidate has moved out of the immediate area which has increased his basic fee request. The accompanist has agreed to attend 1 rehearsal + concert, at the rate of $75 per service. Michael was concerned that more rehearsals were needed. Peter suggested that we authorize 4 services (3 rehearsals + concert) at the standard $75 per service rate but also add mileage @ $0.545 (IRS 2018 rate). This would be a cap at $500. If the accompanist can’t accept, another accompanist must be engaged. The board agreed to this proposal; Kathleen agreed to notify Michael of this revised arrangement.

Fundraising/Program Sponsorship
Annabel reported preparations for the annual Raffle Basket drawing during the December concert. Raffle basket preparation in process, and Mark will take care of the gambling license.

She enthusiastically informed the board that we received our first grant from Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts for $869.00 to assist with completion of our current season, 9/1/2018-8/31/2019. This can be can be a continuing grant.

Annabel expressed thanks to Janet for assistance in the grant application and documentation, and the Board formally noted their thanks and appreciation to Annabel for her outstanding work in pursuing grant opportunities and especially for this first success. Annabel noted that there is a Cultural Alliance meeting on 9/27. She was planning to attend and will send out information for other potential attendees.

As noted by Mark in the Treasurer’s report we have enrolled in Grantwatch: Peter and JoAnne will take on the Grantwatch monitoring.

Date deadlines for the Program and Posters for Dec 1, 2018 Concert were discussed and finalized:
The theme is around Great Music for Great Words
11/18 for program sponsors
11/19 for donors/personnel/program notes
11/1 for poster distribution
10/22 posters to printer (Ann Markle?)
10/22 for postcards to printer

Search Committee: ACCA Conductor and Artistic Director Search Update
The committee has received applications from six individuals: three were interviewed and two were invited to audition. The initial plan is that each will do ½ orchestra rehearsal and ½ chorale rehearsal in October. Specifics, including information/brief biographies of the candidates will be sent to the members prior to the audition dates.

Janet reviewed the status of keeping ACCA Documents Online. She noted that new organization information is now available through the Members Only section. In addition, Janet and Loann will provide updated Members lists for Members Only. However, the member profile sheets will be stored as a Google Docs with access for board members only, but will not be stored on the website.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25. Our next Board Meeting is October 10, 2018.

Peter Heinemann

August 8, 2018

Meeting was called to order at approximately 7:10 P.M. In Attendance: Kathleen M. Haskell, Michael Kemp, Mark Blume, Janet Easlea, John Neff, Peter Heinemann, Joanne Jenkins and Loann Scarpato.

Welcome: Kathleen welcomed all to the meeting after the July hiatus. The 6-13-18 board meeting minutes were voted upon and approved.

Financial Report: Email discussion and voting took place earlier this summer regarding possible increase in dues for both chorale and orchestra. The consensus was to forego any increases in dues. At the 8-8-18 meeting, a motion to accept the proposed budget for the 2018-19 season indicating no increase in dues was made and carried. The Proposed Budget for the next season is official.

Mark Blume reviewed in detail the income and expense portions of the most recent financial report. It was noted that donations including those received at the August Summer Sing added to the monthly income. In terms of expenses, mention was made of the cost of the music for The Creation used at the Summer Sing and also slated for use at the December 2018 concert and the cost of additional musicians recruited for the Summer Sing. Approximately one-half of the Summer Sing orchestra professionals played as a courtesy or donated their received fee to the organization. For future efforts, a discussion took place as to the advantage of a musician initially donating their services as opposed to receiving a check and then donating that check to the organization.

Artistic Director’s Report: Michael spoke of the Summer Sing’s importance and that the month or more spent coordinating and organizing scores, gathering musicians, publicizing and addressing numerous event logistics rendered a successful and gratifying event. He felt that participants were interested in the narrative and the use of music to describe animals. Mark added that he was impressed with the sound of the orchestra. The basses were applauded for their sound and strength. The musical performance by Peg Kemp Henry was particularly noted and an official note of thanks on behalf of the Board will be handled by Mark. The mechanics of the production appeared to have gone more smoothly than the previous year and the presence of the working reception desk seemed to serve a good purpose. The Summer Sing was lauded as a powerful tool in terms of the recruitment of new members to ACCA and a useful preview of the upcoming December concert.

There was some mention of selecting a more familiar piece for future Summer Sings that might attract a greater number of participants. An important summary of the event was made by Peter who mentioned that all in all the Summer Sing brought music lovers together for a fun evening. There also seemed to be an agreement that next year’s Summer Sing should be held during the second week of August. The Summer Sing discussion ended with Janet commending the selection of the Summer Sing’s venue, Calvary Presbyterian Church, and the ease with which all who were connected with the event’s logistics worked with our organization to make it a seemingly seamless event. Special thanks were extended to Janet, Loann and Mark for their extensive efforts in terms of a successful production.

Loann began a discussion on the need for next season’s commitment forms along with a complete schedule of rehearsal and concert dates to be promptly distributed to all members. Specific dates were discussed along with Michael’s input on the need for a joint orchestral and chorale run-thru before the joint dress rehearsal concerning the May Opera Gala. It was agreed that if chorale members already have the same issue of The Creation, there is no need to buy another $15 copy. Kathleen feels that the cost of shipping and postage of music should not be passed along to the members. Peter confirmed that we have official approval from Upper Dublin Performing Arts Center for our December concert venue.

Fundraising: Annabel Grote, was out of state and unable to attend the Board Meeting. Kathleen read Annabel’s report which stated that ACCA will be notified of the results of the grant application from Pa. Partners in the Arts in early September.

Publicity and Marketing: Janet expressed her thanks to Mary Conlon for her photography expertise at the Summer Sing. Best wishes for Mary’s speedy recovery were noted by all and a press release can be considered once photographs are available.

Search Committee: Kathleen advised that five qualified candidates provided letters of intent and CDS to the search committee for the position of conductor and musical director. The plan is for two candidates to be interviewed in person in late August and invited to lead portions of a fall orchestral and chorale rehearsal as part of the auditioning process. Kathleen expressed her appreciation to Janet and Loann for keeping members updated on appropriate search committee’s progress. Discussion, led by Loann, ensued regarding the importance of including a fugue as part of the audition rehearsal because of the challenge of this musical form. It was also noted that both the chorale and orchestra will be invited to provide input via written opinion forms in terms of their impressions/ preferences regarding candidate selection following audition rehearsals.

A.O.B.: Kathleen led a discussion regarding what if any ACCA documentation should be included on the organization’s website. It was agreed that the following documents should be publicized and available for all members: ACCA Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, 501c3 Determination Letter, Financial Reports since June, 2016 incorporation and Year End Budget Report as of June, 2016 incorporation, Job Descriptions and a List of Committees including tasks and participating members. The following documents were agreed to be included in the Board Only Section: Member Profiles. It was noted that the website is a living document that can be altered as circumstances dictate.

Different venues have been investigated in terms of new practice venues. Michael, John Conlon and Loann visited the choral room of Wissahickon Middle School. Michael reported that it would not meet our needs. Quality of piano, available space and cost are some of the factors driving the review and decisions. Peter agreed to contact the school district about possibly using the choral room at Wissahickon High School.

It was noted that the password for Member Access to the organization’s website is changing to finzi (lower case) effective August 15,2018.

The meeting adjourned at 8:41 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Joanne R. Jenkins

June 13, 2018

Call to Order
The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at approximately 7:18. Present were Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea Kemp, John Neff, Mark Blume, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins, Annabel Grote and Kathleen Haskell. Andrea Maurer and Peter Heinemann were absent. Loann Scarpato (a non-board member) was also present.

Approval of Minutes from May Meeting
The first order of business was the approval of minutes from the May 10th board meeting. John Neff motioned to approve and Joanne Jenkins seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

Financial Report

  • The Financial Report was presented by Board Treasurer, Mark Blume. Mark passed out papers for the old budget as well as the new budget. Mark wanted to save the new budget till last. On the income side Mark noted that we received a couple of donations totaling $40. Mark also noted that we received both checks from Iron Hill Brewery totaling $372. April’s total was $143 and May’s total was $229. Total income for the month was $412.
  • On the expense Mark noted there was not a lot of new activity here. We had Michael’s normal stipend. The bills for use of Wissahickon Middle School finally came in totaling $135. We had a couple of small charges for concert supplies including $38 for concert flowers, $11 for postage and mailing, $13 for supplies including the disposable table cloths for the reception. Total expenses for the month totaled $1197.
  • Mark wanted to call attention to information on our end of year budget. Our total income for the fiscal year was $51,117.01 and our total expenses were $48,445.26, which was $4,345.26 over budget. We expected to be over budget because we were required to deal with some complicated issues. Cash on hand at this point was $17,416.90. We do have four checks outstanding totaling $1585. When we deduct those monies from the total it brings us down to about $15,831 which is consistent with other years. One other item is the licensing fee for ASCAP which is anticipated to be about $200.
  • Janet asked about transferring [funds from] PayPal and Mark noted that he wanted to talk about PayPal, saying we did very well with it this year. There were 103 gifts donated using PayPal. The gift total was $23,846 and 21% of that total came from PayPal which ended up being about 13% moneywise. We ended up paying a very small amount for fees, so he thought that was a great deal for us. The percent amounted to about 3% of the total PayPal amount as compared with 7% we were paying for Fractured Atlas.
  • Mark then moved on to the new budget overview. He included in this budget overview the two previous budgets for the fiscal year. Mark budgeted $5,400 for this fiscal year chorale dues which amounts to 90 singers but both he and Michael think we will actually get around 100 chorale singers. For orchestra dues he once again budgeted $1,800 which amounts to 30 orchestral musicians. He budgeted $5,000 for program sponsors reflecting the same amount as the two previous years. He budgeted $10,000 for receipts from admissions to our concerts. We did better than that last year but he wanted to be conservative with that. Total income budgeted is $22,200 a slight bump up ($600) from last year.
  • On the expense side Mark thought it prudent to increase our budget for extra musicians an additional $1,000 to $7,000. For performance venue costs Mark wanted to increase the budget by $250 to $6250. This includes 2 concerts at Upper Dublin and 1 concert at Christ Lutheran. We are budgeting $3,000 for rehearsal space – chorale rehearsal at Christ Lutheran and orchestral rehearsal at Wissahickon Middle School. Under other expenses now that we have a few years under our belt we tried to make adjustments both up and down to better reflect certain expenses. Those adjustments can be seen on Mark’s budget overview under Other Expenses. Under social events we decided that one reception in the cafeteria at Upper Dublin and a reception after the Chamber Concert should be budgeted for. Everyone thought there was added value with both receptions this past year. The board voted to increase the budget for social events from $200 to $1,250 to allow for receptions at Christ Lutheran after the February Chamber concert and at Upper Dublin after the May concert. The final total for budgeted expenses came out to $44,935 amounting to a small increase of $835.
  • We then discussed raising the dues for members. Annabel said that Philomusica members pay $200 per year but they don’t have to pay for their music. She said that Ambler Choral Society members pay $75 in dues and they pay for their own music. Thus Annabel suggests we raise the dues to $75. Joanne suggested that most people don’t realize how much is involved in running the whole organization. We thought that Mark could speak to the chorale at a rehearsal about what it costs to run the organization for the entire year including specifics about some of the larger expenses. As was noted in the new budget it costs us nearly $45,000 to run the ACCA for an entire year.
  • We decided to have a straw poll on how much to raise the dues. Six board members voted for a $15 increase and one member voted for a $10. It was decided that we could not have a binding vote without input from Peter Heinemann and Andrea Maurer. We would finalize decision by email.

– Mark to do list: Prepare a revised budget after the dues have been finalized for the board to vote on.
– Post meeting decision: After much discussion by email it was decided to leave the dues at $60 for both chorale and orchestra.

Artistic Director’s Report

  • Michael said that last year’s summer sing got us turned around the corner. Michael wanted to have everything in place for Haydn’s Creation at the Summer Sing. He knew that we would need a lot more orchestra members for this year’s Summer Sing. Michael was very pleased to report we will be having a full orchestra for it – denoting counts of orchestra participants. For orchestra fees Michael sent the participants 4 options to choose from for being paid: (1) play for no fee and not bother with a tax deduction; (2) play for their normal fee but immediately donate back to ACCA for a tax deduction; (3) play for their normal fee but donate half that fee back to ACCA for a tax deduction; and (4) play for full payment. Michael said only one player needed full payment, 2 or 3 said they will donate half back, and everyone else said they would donate all back or play for free.
  • Michael said that for the Haydn’s Creation we need three top notch soloists so he immediately got a response that Mark Hightower is in, Brian Hoyos is in and Judith Goltz will come back from Israel to participate. Michael’s sister Peg said she would like to sing also so Michael divided up the arias between Peg and Judith. Both Judith and Peg are excellent cellists so when one is singing the other will play cello. For the December Concert Judith will do the singing and Peg will play the cello.
  • As to the music for the creation, Michael ordered 100 copies of the Shaw/Parker score. He thinks with those 100 copies and other sources we should have around 200 in total. We may get almost 270 copies. Loann offered to bring the copies to the summer sing. Michael mentioned that he would like to get the word out to the Heritage Chorale for the summer sing to keep that momentum going.

– Michael to do list: (1) Contact Mark about all the checks which need to be prepared for the orchestra members for the summer sing. (2) Work with Peter to figure out seating arrangements for orchestra and soloists for the summer sing. Also work with Peter to look at logistics to avoid bottlenecks in signing up for scores and distributing them.

Fundraising / Program Sponsorship
Annabel is ready to submit all the materials for the PA Partners in the Arts Project Stream Grant. Annabel wanted to have a post meeting discussion with Janet, Loann and Mark to finalize everything for submitting the grant. They all agreed and the meeting was held at that time. Loann mentioned that we might become eligible for a program grant once we have established a three year history of obtaining this grant.
– Post meeting follow up: The PA Partners in the Arts Project Stream Grant was successfully submitted on time.

Publicity / Marketing

  • Janet sent out one flyer about the summer sing. Janet will come up with a flyer for John Neff to get to Councilman Spiegelmann for the summer sing. Michael offered an idea about contacting choir directors in the area and inform them about the summer sing. We thought it best to do the contacting through emails. We need name tags for the summer sing. We need to have score distribution lists so we/ can be sure to get all the scores back. We need to have Peter give us options for avoiding the bottleneck for distributing the scores. John volunteered Mary to take photos for the summer sing. Loann thought Phyllis, who had volunteered for whatever we need, should be the greeter at the door.
  • George had sent information to Janet about the external publicity company. There was some discussion about whether this would be helpful for us and Janet opined that this would probably not be an appropriate fit for ACCA.

– Janet to do list: (1) Create a “facebook event” so others can see details about the summer sing. (2) Create a flyer for John Neff to give to his councilman.

Search Committee
Kathleen reported that we have now received 5 quality applicants for the ACCA Conductor and Artistic Director position. These are quality applicants and they are all local. Kathleen is convinced that we will be able to find a quality individual to carry on the tradition of the ACCA. For next steps Kathleen wants to get together with the search committee to figure out how they would like to proceed with these candidates, i.e. whether we want to conduct phone interviews or something else.
– Kathleen to do list: Arrange for a meeting with the entire search committee in July to determine next steps.


  • Member Profiles: Loann mentioned that Janet has created a database with all this information. We want to have a place on the website where this information can be accessed by any ACCA board members. Janet said that would be easy to do and it would password protected so only ACCA board members could access it. Also the financial reports should be on this restricted list as well.
  • Wissahickon Choir Room: Peter had investigated the use of this choir room for chorale rehearsals in lieu of Christ Lutheran, but was not in attendance to talk about it. There are problems with the middle school orchestra and choir room for rehearsals. It seems that the choir room would not be large enough for the choir and parking would be a potential problem as well. The high school facilities were also offered for consideration as it seems they would have a good deal more space/options.

To do list:
– Kathleen to send out the lists of items for board to decide what should go where on the website.
– Michael, Peter and Wendy to make a site visit to Wissahickon to get more information and come back with a report.

Adjournment / Meeting adjourned at 9:28.

May 9, 2018

Call to Order
The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at approximately 7:25. Present were Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea Kemp, John Neff, Mark Blume, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins, Andrea Maurer, Annabel Grote and Kathleen Haskell. Peter Heinemann was absent. Loann Scarpato (a non-board member) was also present.

Approval of Minutes from April Meeting
The first order of business was the approval of minutes from the April 11th board meeting. John Neff motioned to approve and Joanne Jenkins seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

Review of Action Items from April Meeting
In lieu of reviewing action actions Kathleen Haskell printed out a sheet of action items. She noted that since most items were related to the May 8th concert, having already occurred, were completed. She highlighted in red the items which may not have been completed and said we should probably talk about them when they come up in the agenda.

Financial Report
The Financial Report was presented by Board Treasurer, Mark Blume. Mark had earlier passed out a paper detailing results. Mark noted we have had a lot of activity since the last board meeting. On the income side we had donations totaling $224, cookie sales of $113 and proceeds from the concert of $4,472. Total income since the last board meeting was $,4824.

Most of the activity was on the expense side which was expected. Director’s compensation was $1,000. There was $200 for orchestra manager, $266 for publicity manager, $200 for the chorale manager, $750 for rehearsal accompanist, $7,155 for extra musicians. For the occupancy items the performance venue totaled $3207 and the rehearsal space was $600. In the other expenses category we had extra scores expense of around $47, for the use of the cafeteria $750, orchestral parts was $106, equipment expense was $495, postage and mailing was $22, and printing/copying expense of $1,200. We have a plus $20 as someone paid for his/her choral music. Total expenses since the last meeting were $15,981. Cash on hand will come down to around $16,000. Our carryover to the next fiscal year should be around $12,000 or $13,000.
Mark to do list:
– Prepare a budget for the new fiscal year and have it ready at the next board meeting.

Artistic Director’s Report
Michael doesn’t have much to say about our concert but wanted to hear our appraisal. We on the board heard many comments about how much everyone loved the concert. Michael mentioned that when we engaged the audience in singing the last verse of “We Shall Overcome” it was a powerful experience for everyone. There was a discussion about how so many people stood for “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Kathleen asked if asking for help with logistics worked for Michael. He was quite pleased with it. Annabel helped to form a reception committee. The summer sing has been confirmed for August 1st at 7:30 at Peter’s church – Calvary Presbyterian. This was one of Peter’s action items which he has discharged. People should arrive at 7:00 to pick up the music and get seated.
Michael to do list:
– Contact all the people he knows who have scores of Haydn’s Creation and have them send those scores to us.
– Get a recording of Annelies to Annabel for the PA Partners in the Arts.

Fundraising / Program Sponsorship
Annabel started by saying that we just got the check from the last Iron Hill Brewery fundraiser totaling $142. Annabel wants to have a talk about raising the dues at our next board meeting in June. Our percent of members donating is around 60% which everyone thought is really good. Annabel would like the board to approve a one-year subscription to Pennsylvania Grant Watch for $199. Motion to approve was made by Annabel seconded by John Conlon and it was unanimously approved. Annabel moved on to the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts Project Stream Grant. She sent out a document sometime after the meeting detailing what needs to be done. It needs to be uploaded on or before June 20th. The grant is for $2,500 and is repeatable in coming years.
Kathleen to do list:
– Put the raising of dues on the agenda for June.

Publicity / Marketing
Janet spoke with George Bihn briefly at the concert and he said he was going to be here tonight. However George was not present to make his comments in person. He did say that he had posted all the posters he said he was going to post. Janet sent out a press release to the local Upper Dublin Enterprise. John Neff said that Normandy Farms sent a bus of residents to the concert. George Bihn also had an idea for paying a fee of $300 to a publicity company to help us get more publicity. Janet thought it sounded interesting but she doesn’t have any more information to impart. Michael said that there were 5 people who had never been to any of our concerts but came to this one and they wrote glowing reviews of the concert. We have many testimonials like that which we can use to generate interest in the Chorale. Janet said that Don Gutekunst had posted details of our concert in the Christ Lutheran bulletin. Mark said that our concert coordinator (Elizabeth Wendelin), our orchestra manager (Janet Easlea Kemp) and our chorale manager (Loann Scarpato) did a great job getting the concert to run without a glitch.
Janet to do list:
– Get information from George Bihn about the publicity company to see if we want to use them.

Search Committee
Kathleen and Peter have drafted proposed requirements for applicants. Kathleen said that to date we have two applicants. When people send in their qualifications and a letter of interest for the position we have generated an automatic response thanking them for their interest in the position and that the ACCA is currently accepting applications and will be accepting applications until early in the 2018-2019 season.

Reception Committee
The reception committee is composed of the Chair, Mary Mack, her husband Bob, Peggy O’Connor, Linda Ewald, Marguarite Holliday, Janice Goltz, Andrea Emmans, Nancy Lawrence Hill, Paula Mandel. Board members assisting were Annabel Grote, Mark Blume, and Peter Heinemann. Cindy O’Neill said that she was willing to help when needed but did not want to be on the committee in an official capacity.
Publicity Committee
The publicity committee is composed of Janet Easlea Kemp, George Bihn and Mary Conlon.
Basket Committee
The basket committee is composed of Charlotte Biddle (chairperson), Carol McGuckin, Betsy Scherer, Maria Mack, Melissa Miller, Cecilia Dougherty, Joan Paltenstein (orchestra liaison), and Mary Conlon.
Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 8:45.

April 11, 2018

Call to Order
The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:18. Board members present were Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea Kemp, John Neff, Mark Blume, Peter Heinemann, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins, Andrea Maurer, Annabel Grote and Kathleen Haskell. Loann Scarpato (a non-board member) was absent, though Elizabeth Wendelin, also a non-board member, filled in for her.

Approval of Minutes from March Meeting
The first order of business was the approval of minutes from the March 14th board meeting. Peter Heinemann motioned to approve and Mark Blume seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

Review of Action Items from March Meeting
The second order of business was to review the action items from the March 14th minutes. Kathleen Haskell asked each owner of each action item whether it was performed or not.

To Do Lists
– Prepare breathing marks for the three ACCA only hymns (My Lord what a Morning, Hold On, and We Shall Overcome) – Yes and he also prepared danger notes and phrasing styles.
– Contact Donald Dumpson to have him fill in the spaces between ACCA chorale members with names and parts (SSAATTBB). – Not yet. Needs seating charts from Elizabeth. Elizabeth needs his group alone, our group, and the combined group.
– Contact Donald Dumpson to get information on the orchestration for “Total Praise” – Yes.
– Work out the timing for the May 1st rehearsal at Christ Lutheran – Yes.
– Visit several Baptist churches and encourage them to attend the May 5th concert. Be sure to take some posters. – Yes a very enthusiastic response from Keith Williams and he is going to encourage his and other congregations to attend.
– Talk with Susan Lohoefer at Upper Dublin about logistics for final dress rehearsal. – Yes done.
– Adjust Haydn’s Creation for Summer Sing to the first two movements. – Michael has decided to use almost all the choruses and he is almost done.
– Prepare a list of tasks needing to be performed for the May 5th concert and give to Elizabeth. So Michael is free to escort Donald around. – Not yet done, but will get together with Elizabeth to get it done.
– Michael, Janet and others to write up some ideas for the PECO proposal. – No longer necessary.

– Get in touch with Steve Sweetsir to see if he is available to play French horn for the concert. – Yes but he still cannot play. She has given more names to Janet but noted that there a lot of concerts scheduled for that weekend.

– Let Susan Lohoefer at Upper Dublin that we are going forward with using the UD cafeteria for our reception. – will talk later about it.
– Try to come up with some names of French horn players. – No because he thought it was solved. Michael added that he may be able to solve the problem with 3 French horn players.
– Check on status of his church (Calvary Presbyterian) for the summer sing on August 1st. – Yes though not formally but assumes it will not be a problem as there are no conflicts.

– Complete (along with others) document specifying requirements for a new artistic director. – Yes and she shared copies with all of us.

John C.:
– Ask Mary if she is willing to take photos of rehearsals and concert. – Yes and she agreed.

Financial Report
The Financial Report was presented by Board Treasurer, Mark Blume. Mark had earlier passed out a paper detailing results. Mark noted we are in pretty good shape as can be seen that we have over $29,700 cash on hand. This represents 212 percent of budgeted income. Income change for the month amounted to $1766. The bulk of that total came from four donor gifts totaling $1274. We have received 97 gifts totaling $23,367. We have a grant from Mark’s company of $159. Janet mentioned that she knows that Bank of America does this and their and other employees need to find out how to do that. Additional income from cookie sales ($104) and dues ($60) from an orchestra member and sales of Messiah recordings ($169) were obtained. On the expense side the total since last time was about $2009. We had extra musician costs and expenses for recording of the Chamber Concert. All the other expenses were recorded on Mark’s handout.

Artistic Director’s Report
Michael mentioned that both the chorale and orchestra rehearsals have been really great. The chorale rehearsal last night was way ahead of where we usually are at this time. Michael handed out a sheet of the entire concert. Donald really wants to have some Gospel music in the concert. Michael thought it would be a good idea to have all the concert attendees sing the last verse of “We Shall Overcome” just before intermission. Many board members thought it would be a great idea. Michael said that he is going to conduct the Beethoven and have Donald conduct the Faure. The reason is that the orchestrations for the Beethoven are very complicated technically, whereas the Faure is more straightforward. Michael found a straightforward setting for “Amazing Grace” that allows for everyone to sing and play. Michael thought that we should drop one of the Dvorak Legends to save time. However, after some discussion it was decided to leave it as is. Michael wants to send emails to all chorale and orchestra members with the proposed repertoires and dates for next season. The dates and times are December 1st at 3:00PM, February 9th (snow date on February 10th) at 4:00PM (may be changed to 3:00PM), and May 4th at 7:30PM.

Andrea brought up that since the May concert next season will be Michael’s final concert, he might want to consider inviting some of his friends and colleagues or people whose lives he may have influenced. After a good deal of discussion Michael asked that this be tabled for a later Board meeting.
Michael to do list:
– Prepare a list of tasks needing to be performed for the May 5th concert and give to Elizabeth.
– Prepare an email with the proposed repertoire for the new season to send to chorale and orchestra members.
– Make sure that Elizabeth gets names for our chorale members, Heritage Chorale members and the combined chorale members for making seating charts.
– Inform Donald Dumpson about what things are allowed for the reception after the concert.

Fundraising / Program Sponsorship
Annabel started by talking about the Iron Hill Brewery fundraiser saying it is going to be on May 8th. She wants to have coupons printed out for that fundraiser ready for the May 5th concert. She followed with membership sponsors update. She hasn’t yet given up hope of getting to 100%, but it seems to be an elusive goal. She’s going to try a few more reminders and asks. She moved onto Grant updates. She has started writing the Pennsylvania State Partners for the Arts grant as it is coming up soon. She said we would need a title for the grant proposal and she thought that something like “Music Inspires” would be fitting. It is quite complicated and requires a lot of information about ACCA. Kathleen suggested that she should send emails to those people to remind them. Denial of PECO grant needs to be recorded for these minutes. Annabel wants to ask the board for money to subscribe to “Grant Watch”. She said it was $18 per week, $45 per month, or $200 per year. Peter suggested we try a yearly subscription. Mark asked if there was any other information to help inform the board for their decision. Annabel will find out more and email to the board. Peter and Joanne will help look at the site to help Annabel. Annabel wants to create a calendar of grants and times to make it easier to see what we need to do and when.
Annabel to do list:
– Tell Mark how many donor envelopes we have on hand so he can decide how many more to order.
– Prepare emails for board members to obtain specific information for the Penn State Partners for the Arts proposal.
– Find out more about Grant Watch and send to the board.
– Prepare a chart with dates and times for available grants in the coming season.

Publicity / Marketing
Janet sent out a press release for the May concert to a few local papers. She also sent copies to George (Bihn), Andrea (Emmons), and John Conlon. Iron hill coupon has been uploaded to the website so it’s there for anyone’s use. Janet wanted to thank John for getting Mary to do the photographing for the concert. Janet wants to have a conversation with her so she can get some idea of what we are looking for. Janet wanted to know about the posters and flyers for the program. John Neff said his commissioner was going to post a flier on his website. John Conlon put up posters at Blue Bell Country Club. Kathleen suggested that we should think about have extra people selling tickets for the concert since we are likely to have a fairly large turnout. Mark says we may want to ask Caroline Weisman’s husband as he volunteered to help with ticket sales for the raffle baskets. Kathleen said we probably should have four tables for ticket sales. We are going to eliminate the will call sales because no one ever uses it.

Janet wanted to know how many programs we should have printed. It was decided we should probably have 600 programs. Janet needs to get pricing for the programs from Wendy. We also want to have envelopes for donations for the program. We should order a thousand envelops. We also want to try to get information for a mailing list. Janet wants things for the program by April 21st.
Janet to do list:
– Ask Wendy for the pricing to prepare on concert tickets and programs.
– Arrange a meeting with Mary to give her guidance on what we are after regarding photos.
– Along with Annabel try to begin forming a reception committee.

Search Committee
Kathleen said that she and Peter are co-chairs of the search committee with Loann, Janet, Joan Paltenstein and Elizabeth filling out the committee membership. Kathleen and Peter circulated a search document with criteria desired for a new artistic director. There were several sections to the document, including information about the ACCA, expected time commitments for the candidate as well as having demonstrated effective musical and personal skills, qualifications, job description, duties and responsibilities, and how to apply. It was noted that if we agree on this document tonight Kathleen will send it out on behalf of the board to all members of the chorale and orchestra. We would put it out on Constant Contact as well. It will also be on our website. Andrea said that she had serious concerns with the minimum of three years of experience. Andrea wants it to be rewritten. There was a lengthy discussion about how to change the requirements. Peter suggested using the term demonstrated experience as a conductor or director. The board felt that this would be a major improvement over three years of experience so that will be changed. Annabel thought that the document should say assist in the promotion of both orchestra and chorus instead of just orchestra. Everyone agreed. Peter thought it would be important to include that the successful candidate to be somewhat local (something like Delaware Valley).

Kathleen will be drafting a retirement announcement and sending it out to the board. Michael asked if something should be mentioned in the program about his retirement. Some discussion ensued and Andrea suggested we say something like “Come celebrate Michael’s last concerts with us.”
Kathleen to do list:
– Remind everyone in the May 5th concert that all personal items must be removed from choir and orchestra rooms immediately after concert finishes.
– Prepare a retirement announcement for Michael.

Susan Lohoefer said she has to meet with the reception committee. Michael said that he and Elizabeth had already met with her. Peter said that he would give Wendy a call to see if she would head up the reception committee. There was a good deal of discussion about what can and cannot be brought to the reception. There cannot be anything that needs to be cooked on site and there should not be anything that needs to be refrigerated. Peter did say that there is a small refrigerator we might be able to use but it would be better to have our own coolers for that. All this information needs to be communicated to the Heritage Chorale as well. The janitorial staff are the only ones who can set up and move tables. Annabel and Janet thought that this would be a good time to find volunteers for the reception committee.

Michael said that everyone needs to know that they must remove all their belongings from the choral room immediately after the concert has ended. Kathleen said that we need to remind everyone to remove personal stuff immediately. They need to be reminded early and often about that.

Annabel asked how long we have been performing at Upper Dublin. Mark said this was our second year. Call time for the orchestra is 6:30 and for the chorale is 6:15 for the dress rehearsal.
Peter to do list:
– Contact Wendy Bender to see if she will accept chairmanship of reception committee.

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 9:05.

March 14, 2018

The meeting of the Board of Trustees convened shortly before 7:20. Board members present were Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea Kemp, John Neff, Mark Blume, Peter Heinemann, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins, Annabel Grote, Andrea Maurer and Kathleen Haskell.

The first order of business was to mention that Kathleen, Mark and John Neff have agreed to remain on the board for a second 3-year term. Their first 3-year terms are up at the end of this season. The second order of business was the approval of minutes from the February 14th board meeting. John Neff motioned to approve and Mark Blume seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

The Financial Report was presented by Mark Blume. Five new donations have come in since the last meeting totaling $1348, one new choir member paid dues of $60 and the cookie sale money was another $171. There was a donation of $500 from a sponsor that John Neff brought in. Iron Hill fundraiser take was presented by Annabel at a later time and it totaled to $142.20. Total income for the month was $2115. Total expenses were broken down by categories and totaled $2196. Member donations are higher this year than in the past. Mention was made of the use of PayPal which generated a net of $193.90. Our donation status has improved enormously from previous years. There are additional expenses for music received from Michael which are not in this month’s expenditures.

Michael followed with his Artistic Director report. Michael mentioned that he received a box of posters for the May Concert. Annabel said she would like to applaud Ann Markle and the publicity committee for getting these posters out as early as they did; also opining how wonderful they look. Everyone thought they were beautifully done. Michael said he was not going to scan the anthems for breathing marks, but he will prepare breathing marks for the three anthems our choir will perform. Michael noted even at this early date of rehearsals the chorale sounds steadier and stronger than he ever remembers. Michael is having some trouble with the Orchestra preparation. There have been a lot of absences for a variety reasons. He needs four French horn players, but he was having a great deal of trouble getting an additional two French horn players. Janet, Andrea and Peter mentioned some additional possibilities. For the May 5th Concert Michael was mentioning how difficult it was to coordinate. Heritage chorale has no financial obligation for the concert as they are guest artists. Michael mentioned that the spirituals are not going to be performed a cappella. Michael said that the Faure required the use of an organ, but since we don’t have one readily available he is reworking the woodwind parts so as to make them sound like an organ. Michael said that we would reorder the concert so that we could have the choir members mixed together. Michael completely reordered concert to help with this. Michael mentioned that he will be pushing Donald Dumpson hard to give him a total of his singers by category (SSAATTBB). Michael has sent emails to Donald but has not received responses. Michael made a copy of the latest email he sent to Donald and gave them out to us.

Andrea was asked to contact Steve Sweetsir to see if he could play the French horn as he originally declined because of a conflict. He has rescheduled the conflicting concert. Michael will send to Mark a list of all the paid orchestral players who have been at which rehearsals. Michael is concerned about the stamina of some of the orchestral players. There are 58 minutes of playing time for some of them. Peter mentioned that he didn’t think it would be a problem. Michael has ordered of copies of Amazing Grace, the final hymn with audience participation. Michael has not received any information on Total Praise, one of the Heritage hymns requiring orchestration. He needs to get that soon so he can prepare the orchestration. Michael needs to work out the timing of the May 1st final dress rehearsal, because the orchestra has to play for the separate Heritage pieces, the separate Academy chorale pieces and the combined pieces. Timing and efficiency of this final dress rehearsal will be difficult. We have a timeline of 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Michael plans to visit several Baptist churches in the area and invite them to the concert. We would like to have a large audience for this concert and he believes they would love to attend and support. Michael should take some of the posters when he visits these churches. Michael will talk with Susan Lohoefer about the logistics of the dress rehearsal. Michael will provide several suggestions for consideration by the repertoire committee, to be considered along with any suggestions from chorale and orchestra members. Michael’s suggestions include Haydn’s “Creation”, parts 1 and 2, which will also be used for this coming summer’s “Summer Sing” on Wednesday, August 1st at 7:30 PM at Peter’s church (Calvary Presbyterian). There is a meeting of the repertoire committee on March 24th to consider the rest of the repertoire for next season. Andrea has prepared a list of things she would like to do for next year. Michael needs to give to Elizabeth Wendelin a list of tasks associated with the concert.

Annabel gave the information about Iron Hill fundraiser. Details are above under the financial section. The next Iron Hill fundraiser is scheduled for May 7th. PECO gave Annabel information about what they like for grant proposals. They don’t fund operating costs. Annabel was thinking that if Michael, Janet and others could write up some ideas for a proposal for this May concert, she would submit to PECO for review. PECO said they could do a quick review if this is something they would like to fund. Annabel will call PECO to find out if some of the costs would be covered. Cultural Arts project stream is due soon. They want to know to know specifically about our concerts and venues. It’s for $2500 and the proposal is due by June 20th so we will get going on that right after the May concert. For the Pressor grant we were told that ours is too small a group with too small a budget. We knew that going in but it was good experience for us in preparing grant proposals. If anyone knows or reads about grants for concerts, they should contact Annabel so she can look into them.

Kathleen thinks now is the time to have a discussion about the CD’s and she asks Loann to lead the discussion since she did the research on the topic. Loann said that a non-professional recording of the Messiah was made and copies were given to the board members. Two separate CD’s were prepared: one for Messiah and one for the standalone orchestral parts. An offer to purchase them was made to the singers. However at the February board meeting there was a discussion about the propriety of distributing CD’s of the Chamber Concert and that prompted Loann to investigate the propriety of making and distributing CD’s of the December concert as well as doing so in general. Loann followed with her understanding of the legal ramifications of making and distributing these recordings. Loann distributed a white paper she prepared on guidance of the legal ramifications and what we can and maybe cannot do. She mentioned about what would be considered “Fair Use”. Kathleen asked Loann why these recordings would not be considered “Fair Use”. Loann said because “Fair Use” is it refers to educational purposes and not a concert performance, to which Kathleen voiced a disagreement, because recordings are often necessary for applying for grants. There followed a discussion about the selling of such recordings though we are technically not selling them but asking for a donation. Loann followed with an opinion from the leader of the Susquehanna Valley Chorale. She says first ask yourself whether you are making any money off the sale of these recordings and second did someone else make a profit from recording the performance. If the answer to these two questions is “no” then you may be okay under the “Fair Use” principle. The ultimate question for us is whether we are following the “Fair Use” principle, though Kathleen suggests that the question is whether we are making a profit. There followed a discussion about the risk/benefit of making these recordings. There were divided opinions about whether the risk/benefit was favorable or not. Kathleen thinks we she should vote on whether to make these copies available or not. Kathleen made a motion that ACCA does not make copies of the December concert available to members. Mark seconded the motion and a vote ensued. Peter wanted to amend the motion to “at this time” because he thought information might come about later that might make a difference. Kathleen added that to the motion. There was still confusion about the wording of the motion so Kathleen made the motion to make the recordings available at this time. The vote was 3 no’s, 4 yes’s, and two abstentions.

Janet followed with Publicity and Marketing. George picked up 22 posters for the retirement communities. Janet needs someone to take pictures of rehearsals and concert. John Conlon volunteered his wife, Mary, to take these photos. We need high quality photos. Date for the Summer Sing is August 1st at 7:30 at Peter’s church, Calvary Presbyterian in Wyncote.

Kathleen followed with a discussion on the search committee to replace Michael as director of ACCA. The committee is comprised of Kathleen, Loann, Janet, Peter, Joan Paltenstein and Elizabeth Wendelin. She said we need someone with experience in both choral conducting and orchestral conducting. Janet has already started preparing a document that details the requirements for the position. When that is ready it will be presented to the board. Andrea asked who would retain the final vote on who is selected. It would have to be a consensus from the entire ACCA as they need to be comfortable with the selection.

For any other business we need to select a venue for the post-concert reception. Peter suggested that we could use the cafeteria at Upper Dublin. The cost would be $750 to use the cafeteria from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. That cost includes capacity for 500 people and 80 tables with each table using 10 chairs if needed. Custodial fees are listed at $60, but we don’t know whether that is total cost or per hour cost. To offset this cost we $200 allocated for this event as well as over $700 in cookie sales and $500 in production expenses which has not been spent. A motion to approve the Upper Dublin cafeteria for the reception was made by Peter, seconded by John Neff and unanimously approved.

We want to suggest that the Heritage Chorale may want to bring some things for the post-concert reception at the UD cafeteria but it must be stated that no alcoholic beverages are allowed and not to bring anything needing to be cooked or refrigerated (except in their own cooler). We should have name tags for the joint rehearsal, which will be held at Christ Lutheran Church in Oreland on Saturday, April 28th from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Note that ACCA will be solely responsible for food and drink for this joint rehearsal at Christ Lutheran. It worked very well for the reception following the Chamber Concert.
Meeting adjourned at 9:20.

February 14, 2018

The meeting of the Board of Trustees convened shortly before 7:15. Board members present were Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea Kemp, John Neff, Mark Blume, Peter Heinemann, John Conlon, Joanne Jenkins and Kathleen Haskell. Annabel Grote and Andrea Maurer were not present. First order of business was to welcome Joanne Jenkins to the board. Second order of business was the nomination of John Conlon for the position of Recording Secretary. Nomination was made by Kathleen Haskell and was seconded by Peter Heinemann. Vote was taken with unanimous approval. The third order of business was the approval of minutes from the January meeting. Mark Blume motioned to approve and John Neff seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

The Financial Report was presented by Mark Blume. Some new donations came in totaling $170 and the cookie sale money was another $54. Total income was $2294 including $2060 from the Chamber Concert. Total expenses were broken down by categories and totaled $5109.71. Michael talked about the situation of Donald Dumpson’s lack of efficiency. Michael ordered and paid for “Lift up your Voice and Sing” because it was supposed to be in the program. However, it has been removed from the program and he is unable to return it. He proposes to give it to them as a good will gesture. Because this is an important community concert, we’re going to have to take control of it. Michael wants to do everything together and not separately. Michael congratulated Mark for his diligence. John thinks that Mario from West German Auto may no longer provide any sponsorship money after this year since his son is assuming the presidency. Michael and Kathleen waxed eloquent about the high level of musicianship at the Chamber Concert.

Michael followed with his Artistic Director Report. Firstly, there followed a long discussion about the recording of the Chamber Concert. It was stated that we must be very careful about recording to sell music that might have licensing restrictions. Michael stated he will not do anything with the recordings without Peter’s okay. Michael wants more help with setting up and cleaning up. The board noted to Michael that we must be apprised of the list of tasks to be performed so we can help. For the May 5th concert Michael has had to work diligently to coordinate this. Michael read some notes from Loann about the music being used for the May concert. Heritage Choral has no marketing capability, so we will need to help them with that. Michael noted that ACCA is doing extraordinary things and we should be proud of it. Michael also noted that the high level of musicianship could probably be a recruiting tool for singers and musicians who want to be able to perform at this high a level.

For Fundraising we used Annabel’s wonderful notes for discussion. She mentioned to publicize the Iron Hill Brewery event one more time. Kathleen mentioned that we need to mention that the coupon can be used anytime on that day and not just for dinner. The second item was to start asking for membership sponsors. Our rate is in the 50% to 60% range but she wants it at 100%. Our 60% rate is the highest it’s ever been. It was mentioned that getting grants helps us get more grants. Annabel is going to start the application for the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts Project Stream grant. Because the due date is June 20th she will start right after the May Concert with the help of Janet and Loann. She has mentioned that we are in a position to have a successful application for PECO grants. We can ask for a specific amount. She has started the application process but is unsure of the deadline but thinks it is November 1st of this year. She mentioned that PECO will need demographics like gender, age and ethnicity.

For Publicity and Marketing Janet showed a press release that appeared in a local newspaper. We did get some new subscribers from Constant Contact. Michael said that we will have a big crowd at the May concert so we need to get the information out about the Chorale. We should invite Donald Dumpson to our next board meeting to help coordinate our efforts. It was noted by Loann that one of the tenors who sang in the concert, Don Gutekunst, seemed to be very interested in promoting the ACCA and its concerts. He is a member of Christ Lutheran and put an article in the Bulletin about the concert that afternoon. Kathleen will approach him. The concert went out on WRTI and that should be good advertisement for us. We discussed some themes for the May concert. We need a theme soon for the poster. We thought that “Coming Together” might be a good theme.

For any other business (AOB) we need to have a venue for the reception. We want to have the reception right after the May concert which will end at 9:30. To do that we need to have a clear list of tasks, which need to be done so that Michael can escort Donald Dumpson immediately to the reception. Peter suggested that we could use Upper Dublin for the reception. There was unanimous agreement to pursue that idea for the reception venue. For the member profile questionnaire we had only 28 people responded. We think that we should have paper copies to get the success rate up. We suggested repertoire planning early as possible. The first week of April was decided upon for the repertoire planning meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:55.

January 10, 2018

Meeting of Board of Trustees convened at 7:15. Board members present were Michael Kemp, Janet Easlea Kemp, John Neff, Annabel Grote, Peter Heinemann, John Conlon and Kathleen Haskell. Loanne Scarpato, Mark Blume and Andrea Maurer were not present. Joanne Jenkins was invited to attend as a potential new board member.

First order of business was the approval of minutes from the December meeting. Annabel motioned to approve and John Neff seconded. Unanimous vote for approval ensued.

Financials were presented by Kathleen since Mark was absent. Particular noteworthy was that the budgeted $13k has already been covered by the $18k of income from donations. Also noteworthy was the increase from 44% to 56% of Chorale and Orchestra members having donated to the ACCA. Discussion about increasing dues was brought up but will be discussed later.

Michael followed with his Artistic Director Report. He gave out CDs of the Messiah Choruses and the CDs of the Orchestral sections. He commented about how good the recordings were as well as how special the musicality was. There was talk about whether we could sell copies of each CD. Much discussion ensued and it was decided that the Chorale would probably love to have copies (since they really don’t ever get to hear themselves), not so much the Orchestral members. It was decided that we would ask for a donation of $10 for each CD with a discount to $15 for both. Since we are a non-profit organization we could not “sell” the CDs but only ask for donations. Michael talked movingly about the Chamber Chorale singing the Randall Thompson Alleluia. He mentioned that this Chamber Concert may stimulate other singers to join the Chorale. We thought that we should encourage members of the Chorale not participating to come and give their support. There was more discussion about raising the standards of Chorale members perhaps by offering workshops to those who cannot read music. We don’t necessarily want to have auditions since we pride ourselves on not requiring auditions to participate. Finally he talked about having some choruses of Haydn’s Creation for the Summer Sing. We are anticipating using choruses from Haydn’s Creation for our Fall concert.

Annabel followed with a discussion on Fundraising Activities. We decided that we would suspend asking the members to pursue new program sponsors for the spring concert but would make it part of our fundraising efforts again in the fall. There was talk about ordering more envelopes to put with the programs. Putting the envelopes with the program was highly successful for the Messiah concert. Annabel also talked about the Iron Hill Brewery fundraising and the need for coupons. There is a Iron Hill fundraising event on February 21st and another one on May 8th. Annabel made note that an internal deadline for preparing the PA grant application should be June 1st. She asked John to help her with the application and he agreed to do so. She also talked about other opportunities for grants. She also pointed out that the address for sending checks to the ACCA need to be updated.

Janet followed with her updates on Publicity/Marketing. There was a good deal of talk about newsletters. It was too late to get the January newsletter written so we decided to forget it. We thought that perhaps we should ask someone to prepare a newsletter using a profile of some member. They made note of the nice mention of Wendy Bender and thought perhaps we should try something like that. Janet followed with a discussion of press releases to post in different places. There was discussion about posters and postcards. Everyone liked the idea of using postcards. There was some discussion about a theme for the February concert. We know what is being performed so we can move forward with it. We wanted to prepare press releases for the May concert, but we’re not sure whether the Heritage Chorale has their own publicity manager and whether they want a single poster or separate posters. Michael will contact Donald Dumpson to iron out those details.

In AOB, we talked about the desire for post-concert receptions. For the concert at Christ Lutheran Church we can have the reception immediately following in the basement. It was noted that alcoholic beverages are not allowed. We are going to ask members to bring food and beverages to share. For the May concert reception we thought we would have it at the Wissahickon Fire Station. The venue needs to be close to the Upper Dublin Performing Arts center and it seems that Wissahickon Fire Station fits the bill. Peter will determine the availability and cost. There was much discussion about the member profiles. We all thought that these profiles would constitute a gold mine for determining useful skills to tap. We will have profiles which can be prepared electronically as well as printed out and prepared manually.

Kathleen then talked about the Terms of Membership for the ACCA Board of Trustees. Length of service is three-years with an option of a second three-year term. If member has served two three-year terms he/she may not serve again unless he/she has a hiatus of at least one year. She mentioned that Mark Blume, John Neff, and Kathleen Haskell will have finished their three-year term this year since the new rules were adopted. We need to find potential new members going forward.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00 PM.
Post-Meeting Note: It was decided by the board to charge $10 for each CD from the December concert. To purchase both CDs it was decided to charge $15. We also are going to have Michael and Janet decide on the themes for the February and May Concerts as soon as possible.